AK Moto Ride – Actor Ajith Kumar Started Bike Touring Company

Actor Ajith Kumar is known for his uniqueness and confidence. Though he is a big star, he keeps his life low-key. After a big announcement of his upcoming film “Vida Muyarchi”, the actor announced his new venture, a bike touring company. And everyone knows that AK’s love for bikes and machines is insane. On May 22, he announced the name of his company. AK Moto ride.

AK Moto Ride is an international bike touring company, and will have professional guides and experienced riders to ensure that riders have a smooth travel experience.

In his statement, he mentioned that “Life is a beautiful ride, embrace the twists, turns and open roads ahead.”

ak moto ride offers Precisely maintained superbikes for those who badly want to travel to a destination. From start to finish, it is a complete service.

On the work front, Ajith is on a break for now, and his next film will be “Vida Muyarchi” directed by Magizh Thirumeni and produced by Lyca Productions.

Ajith plans next bike tour in November 2023, and it’s themed AK world ride for mutual respect.

ak moto ride